Salad Bar Line

OPA by Litehouse™ dressings are our celebration of life, family, and good food. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. OPA! By using a Greek yogurt base, we were able to create OPA by Litehouse™ dressings with fewer calories, less fat, more protein and all of the great taste of regular dressings.

Greek Yogurt Dressing

Greek yogurt is argueably the hottest trend in grocery stores today. Litehouse has created our OPA by Litehouse™ line of Greek yogurt dressings so that you can bring this exciting trend to your customers too.

Fewer Calories and Great Taste

Our dressings have 50% fewer calories and fat per serving than regular dressings, and the rich, creamy Greek yogurt base has allowed us to bring you these benefits while maintaining a full, delicious flavor.

Gluten Free

Requests for gluten free products have more than doubled in just four years and 10% of the population reports suffering from gluten sensitivity. All OPA by Litehouse™ items are gluten free, making it easy for you to deliever taste and quality to your patrons.

Pack Sizes

Whether you wish to enhance your salad bar on a college campus or control portions for kids in a cafetria, OPA by Litehouse™ has the pack size for you. We offer products in gallons, salad bar, packets and cups.


Add Value Through Versatility

Litehouse, the name synonymous with freshness, quality and innovation, is always striving to create unique products which are versatile enough to inspire a multitude of chef creations, making Litehouse a tantalizingly cost-effective addition to any kitchen.