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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Chef Ann, known for her mission to create fresh and delicious school foods, to introduce a healthier salad dressing option for schools: Litehouse and Chef Ann Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing. Litehouse will be donating a 1% of sales of the product to the Chef Ann Foundation (CAF). You can visit her foundation's website here.

Schools have made great strides in healthy eating options for kids, with many now offering salad bars, but often the salad dressings are loaded with fat and preservatives. To create an improved ranch product, the number one flavor sold in school foodservice, Litehouse and Chef Ann crafted a new Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing that has no MSG, HFCS or preservatives. The ranch is GFCO-certified, has only 60 calories per serving, and zero sugar. It offers full flavor without the fat, and because it is yogurt-based, it provides 2 grams of protein per serving.

Chef Ann says...
"Kids choose ranch more than any other salad dressing, and we want that choice to be a healthy one. That's why the Chef Ann Foundation partnered with Litehouse to create a healthy, delicious, yogurt-based ranch dressing for schools."
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Recipe ideas
For other delicious scratch made school recipes, please visit the Chef Ann "The Lunch Box" website:



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