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Idaho Bleu Cheese Crumbles with Endive

  • Serves 4
  • Prep 10 mins
  • Ready-In 10 mins

Product versatility is key in the foodservice industry. Litehouse's commitment to high quality products allows each one of its products to be utilized across various recipes.

Idaho Bleu Cheese Crumbles with Endive

This colorful salad makes a great presentation and is good as part of a buffet or for sit-down dinners. Don't let the combination of Bleu Cheese and Sweet French scare you off...the combination of the salty, creamy and sweet flavors is a classic!


4 oz cream cheese
2 large bunch Belgian endive
Paprika, bacon bits, or almond slivers for garnish
4 oz Litehouse® Blue Cheese Crumbles 
1/4 cup Litehouse® Blue Cheese Dressing


Combine cream cheese, Litehouse Bleu Cheese Crumbles and 1/4 cup Litehouse Bleu Cheese Dressing; mix until creamy.

Separate endive leaves; wash and drain. Spoon cheese mixture into endive leaves and arrange on platter. Garnish.