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Fresh Avocado and Tomato Blossom with Crab

  • Serves 2
  • Prep
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Product versatility is key in the foodservice industry. Litehouse's commitment to high quality products allows each one of its products to be utilized across various recipes.

Fresh Avocado and Tomato Blossom with Crab


8 oz fresh or frozen white crab meat
1 tsp Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Spring Onion 
1 Avocado
1 large Tomato
Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Cilantro for garnish
½ cup Litehouse® Cotija Cilantro  or,
Litehouse® Thousand Island 


Combine first 3 ingredients, cover and chill. Cut avocado and tomato into wedges and arrange on plate in a pinwheel. Spoon chilled crab meat mixture into the center, top with fresh cilantro and serve.