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Bourbon Peach Frozen Yogurt with Caramel-Pecan Swirl

  • Serves 8
  • Prep 10 minutes
  • Ready-In 30 minutes
  • Product Variation
  • Menu Placement

Product versatility is key in the foodservice industry. Litehouse's commitment to high quality products allows each one of its products to be utilized across various recipes.

Bourbon Peach Frozen Yogurt with Caramel-Pecan Swirl

Settle into the sweet pace of summer with a scoop of this seemingly sinful (but not) peach frozen yogurt featuring a hint of bourbon and caramel-pecan swirls. Take advantage of a bumper crop of seasonal fruit by creating quick and easy desserts at home.   



3 ripe peaches; peeled, pitted and sliced
3 Tbsp bourbon
3 cups unsweetened, no-fat plain yogurt
6 packets Stevia*
½ cup Litehouse® Caramel (room temperature)
1/3 cup honey pecans (or plain pecans), coarsely chopped


In a small skillet, add peaches and bourbon over medium-high heat. Continue stirring for approximately 3-4 minutes until the juices are browning and the alcohol has burned off. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Place the peach mixture, yogurt and Stevia in a blender; puree until smooth.
Transfer the peach mixture to work bowl of electric ice cream machine and process according to manufacturer’s directions (usually about 20 minutes).
Spoon peach frozen yogurt (still soft-serve) into 9”x 9” pan and drizzle the room-temperature caramel dip into large ribbons across the top. Sprinkle evenly with pecans. Drag back and forth across the pan with a dull knife to gently redistribute some of the caramel and nuts.
Serve immediately or transfer to a container and allow to firm up for an hour or two in the freezer.
*If you prefer, skip the Stevia sweetener and substitute vanilla-flavored non-fat yogurt for the plain yogurt.